Local products

In Drôme provençale, enjoy a diversity of tastes and scents that make the originality and uniqueness of our territory, but you can also enjoy other farm products of quality.


Truffles: It would be sacrilegious to the gourmet not to taste the delights of an omelette with truffles (which is just not the most important region of harvest in France). In Tricastin, it grows under the Green and White Oaks, but remains a very capricious production, never assured of one year to the next. Feel free to ask the neighbor, Serge Charpenel if it has harvested!


The Olives de Nyons: brought to the mill, the grosses are candied and small going to the press to give olive oil: a pure fruit juice with a designation of origin. Enjoy strolling in Nyons to also discover derivatives: black and green tapenade, soaps and cosmetics…



The Dieulefit Picodons: the name "Picodon method Dieulefit" is officially used to distinguish a picodon who refining – greater than one month interspersed with washing with clean water – gave a unique character of power and finesse. Some farmers also produce of goat cheeses benefiting particular designation, in particular enjoy Vesc goat's cheese… This delicious cheese here is the object of a cult: it is or it is not initiated at its subtleties. Is that it is not an ordinary goat: "refined-washed", it is the result of a genuine chemistry between seasons and pastures.


Honey: Here and there, beekeeping marks the landscape by the presence of beehives. By definition, the honey is a natural product that contains no additives or preservatives. Each honey has her perfume, you will find Lavender honey, Acacia, Rosemary, chestnut, Heather… The multiple flavors and the different consistencies (liquid or creamy) honey is also present in a large number of pastries, including in the preparation of the famous nougat of Montélimar.


Nougat of Montélimar: Nougat and Montélimar. These two words are inseparable since the end of the 17th century, where began to produce the first almond introduced a few years earlier in the region by Olivier de Serres. The name "Nougat de Montélimar" is reserved for products containing at least 30% of almonds (or 28% almonds and pistachios 2%) and 25% of honey. Compliance with the stages of its manufacture guarantees its quality. The essential components of Montélimar's nougat are sugar, lavender honey, egg white, vanilla, almonds and pistachios.


The fruit trees: Flowering in the spring, let us consider harvesting the more fragrant it is: peaches and apricots. We are in the heart of the most beautiful orchards of France. To taste them fully, it is necessary to taste them picked ripe. The fishing is divine with the finest white and yellow, more powerful. Apricot, Orange de Provence, discreet, does its aroma in the mouth.



Eyguebelle domain: The new site of manufacture of the famous syrups and liqueurs welcomes you to tell you this unique course: Aiguebelle to EYGUEBELLE, from 1880 to the present day. The visit continues with the discovery of the craft of syrups and liqueurs Distiller manufacturer: from production to bottling, from the distillation to aging in the cellar. A tasting will be finally graciously proposed in the showroom of the mark. (Tel: 04 75 98 64 64 www.eyguebelle.fr)